Thursday, January 29, 2009

Five Year Plan

Protege' II will now rightfully take her place as Protege' I. Henceforth known only as Protege'. She has clutched the reins with zest! In all the clutching, I'm beginning to let go and move into my new position. There is still much to be learned at taught for both of us. This strange transition of simultaneous teaching and learning has made me consider where I might want to be in the future. Protege' says I'm a really good teacher. She could just being saying it to be nice, but I will take the higher ground and assume she really means it. I used to consider becoming a teacher "when I grow up" and I still haven't set a path in stone for that allusive time, but if it's possible to major in social work and work that into teaching, I might not be opposed to it. I think people learn best when they know WHY?. Why? has always been important to me, and since I'm forgetful, the why? enables me to use reasoning rather than just floundering for the end product.
I have developed a 5 Year Plan. Very rough plan. This year I can finally fill out a FAFSA using my own information. Goodness knows I should have been able to right from the moment I hit 18, but the disillusioned government thinks for some crazy reason that I was going to get a shred of help from my parents. Bah. Well, I'll be FAFSA-ing away this year and next semester I will begin taking at least two-three classes per semester, internet classes if possible, and getting my arse in gear about this school business. I could have already earned a Bachelors in Social Work, but I decided to take a year off of school. A six year year off is a bit much. So, there's my plan. Read it and weep. ..for joy?

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