Friday, January 30, 2009

Load Lifted & Dreams of Euro Trip

I worked my ass off all year at work and ended up only using 4 hours of sick time. That left me with 36 hours of paid sick time and 80 hours of paid vacation time. My credit card is now paid off. I feel liberated. By the end of the year my car will be paid off. I will put the vast majority of my tax refund toward the car. I feel like I've been struggling against this debt for so long that I won't know what to do with myself when I actually get to spend the money I earn on things other than loan payments and bullshit that wasn't worth all the effort. I will be able to go to school, save money for a nice digital camera and maybe take a trip to Europe. A girl needs culture and to get the hell out of dodge sometimes. And pretty pictures. Euro pictures will be amazing.
This picture above is one Richie took when we were in Walker, AZ. It's me taking a photo on my old 35mm Canon Rebel. It feels good to find a visual representation of me saying bye bye to the heavy load of debt and hello to many more photo expeditions. My posture even looks slumpy. Oddly seems like a bonus at the moment.

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