Thursday, January 15, 2009

Promotion & Dreams of a Fart Mat

I got a promotion. Sort of. I got offered a position in the accounting dept, which is a step up from administrative assistant and gives me the fancy title "Accounting Clerk". I will soon be wearing glasses and acting aloof. Very aloof.
When one is offered a sort-of-promotion, one begins to think of all the things they might miss from their former position. Ones mind makes stuff up that one might miss...such as conducting horrendous interviews and even answering even worse ad calls up to 60 times a day repeating the same information over and over. But I won't miss those things. I will miss working closely with some interesting and exciting people. I will also miss being able to fart in my own office and no one knowing about it. I'll have to get one of those fart mats I can put on my chair so no one knows about my secret farting except for me and the poor charcoal fart mat. I think it's cool that they exist and I just want to keep saying "fart mat" for all the world to hear. Added bonus: They're only like $25. Sweeeeeet.
Oh yes, the reason it's a sort-of-promotion is because I'm not getting a raise or any extra benefits. I will be making the same pay and doing more work. I like using my brain and learning new things, but my comfort zone is embedded in the depths of the sales department and I will miss my spacious office with a beautiful view of the outside landscaping. I have been in the same cozy position for 4 years. I suppose we must all lose things in order to advance. I will be training my protege' tomorrow. She is a tiny dark haired thing just out of high school, bright eyed and jittery about getting started. I will keep my fingers crossed they don't eat her alive.

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