Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Jogger & Her Bacon

Yes, I am finally doing something. My legs move for an extended period of time and I get winded. So far I haven't missed a night of jogging/exercising (aside from the weekends which I've reserved for myself). It's actually kinda cool to dedicate to something and not peter out on it right away. I run about a mile every M-Th, unless I'm doing DDR, then I do 4 rounds of the "workout mode" for 30 minutes. It feels good to sweat, even though my already easily red face really burns and feels like my melon is about to explode for awhile. I think it's just because I'm not used to doing anything physical.
After a jog about a week ago, Richard asked me if I might like a post jog snack, to which I eagerly replied Yes! Yes I would!
"Would it be a little overkill if we had bacon two nights in a row?"
"But wouldn't it be a little self defeating if you had a bacon snack right after a jog?"
"I'm not seeing the connection here."
"Well, you just went on a jog to be more healthy, yet bacon is extremely bad for you, especially right before bed."
"Bacon is delicious."
"Ah. So, bacon then?"

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