Saturday, March 14, 2009

Experiment: Distilled Water Absorbtion

So this lady at work was telling me about this experiment her kid got for extra credit in his science class. She said he had to fill up the bathtub with distilled water, weigh himself before he got in, and lay in it for 2 full hours. When he got out, the kid weighed eight more pounds than when he got in! How cool is that?! I guess different types of water do different things to the body. Some pull water out (thus the pruny finger effect) and some types of water puff your ass right up by sucking in water! I'm half tempted to try it myself, but two hours in a bathtub sounds boring and distilled water costs like $0.77 per gallon, multiply that by 30 gallons and $23.10x8.3% sales tax (depending on where you buy it) equals $25.01. A ridiculous amount of money to spend for water that's going down the drain in 2 hours without any real use. I'll just take her word for it. Cool, none the less.

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