Monday, March 2, 2009

The [Hill] Billy Mobile

I bought a van! It's a 1974 Dodge Royal Maxivan. It's got one of those extended roofs that you can stand up completely in, a kitchenette, a small bathroom, two bench seats that fold down into a bed, a small pullout sleeping loft over the seats and an additional two seats up front for pilot and copilot. This thing has quickly become my FAVORITE THING EVER! If I were to lose everything I own, that is one thing that is outright in my name that I can LIVE IN if I needed to! Not that I'd ever plan on living in it, but still, it's effing awesome. I put it in my name officially today, emissions test will be tomorrow. I don't think the ole boy will pass, but I'm sure they'll be able to give us an idea of what to fix and where to go from this point. I am SO EXCITED! My cousin and her son are coming down in May for a weekend and we are planning on going to Disneyland (it will be the little guys first time going), along with a ton of other family. I know it seems frivolous, but I love big old clunkers and I had just a little extra from my tax return so I figured what the hell! It was only $400! Now we have a vehicle large enough to transport all of us heathens. Excellent times ahead.

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