Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All My Ex's Live in Texas

So, my mom took off on Sunday evening back to Texas. I can't say I blame her. I can't say I'm not relieved. Things were getting shittier and shittier. She drinks a lot more when she's here. She has much more free access to other drugs while she's there. Ah, I guess it's selfish but I'd just rather not see any of it. I can't help her, she won't do shit for herself and it was only a matter of time before she left. She used up all her resources, stayed at all the places she could stay and stretched the limits until there was no one left to take her in. She sure as hell can't live with me or my brother. We live too well and drama free for her. She needs her bullshit going on. She would have been finding homeless people and letting them in our house like she did at grandpa's house and Aunt Deb's trailer. I'd rather not find some tweaked out bum taking a shit in my bathroom or making a sandwich with dirty hands in the lunch meat.
As with most things involving my mom, it came without warning. She called at 8:30AM on Monday and told me that Dave had driven down and he was picking her up and taking her and Moose back to Texas. She's got animals there to take care of, so I'm sure she'll be happy and kept busy enough to drown out at least a little of the pull to drugs and drinking and blah blah blah. Sure won't be as interesting without her around though.

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