Thursday, April 9, 2009

FAFSA & Barack

I finally filled out my first whole FAFSA form, which I have began to fill out for the last three years and been stopped up at the parental information so I just clicked out of it instead of attempting to locate that information. I am an idiot. I could have been going to school for a much reduced cost the last several years if I hadn't bummed out. Dumb dumb dumb. Well, we're here now and hopefully I will get some dough so I can go to school! Holy crap that'd be cool! And it's long over due. I could have already been working on a Masters degree right now; I don't even have an Associates. Shiesh. Well, today is a new day!
Obama also got me an extra $25.00 on my pay check by lowering taxes. Thanks, Barack. You can be a pretty swell guy sometimes.

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  1. Congrats! :) What are you going to go to school for?