Thursday, April 16, 2009

Local Scene Sarcasm & Booty Pains

So an old buddy of mine from hyke skewl (ahhhh!) asked me to write a quarterly column for a local music newsletter he's putting together (and funding!). I am not the type to do things that aren't completely based on my selfish interests or do things that require me to meet deadlines and be "working on" a project. I just feel...icky. Intimidated. I procrastinate. I refuse to edit and re-edit. I sit down, slam crap out at my own will and then that's how it stays. Needless to say, this isn't the standard protocol for writing a column in a newsletter with deadlines and printers and particular times that it comes out. I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm supposed to be interviewing some local bands too, but I've never actually conducted an "interview" before, so I'm kinda just being a turd and trying to take the easy way out.
Why is he so accepting and overruling of my feeble attempts at flaking out?! I told him he should find someone else, someone who appreciates or even LIKES the local AZ music scene. I told him I suck as a human being. You know what he says? He says "I know, and that's why we're friends. We smell our own. Write me up something in your whimsical intelligent way and sent it to me" That sonofabitch leaves me no loopholes! I kind of appreciate it because it's going to be fun, but new things involving people I don't know make me uncomfortable.
To get the monkey off my back, last night I spewed out something "whimsical" about the local music scene that wasn't very nice, but got the point across. I can complain about anything. Writing objective, intelligent, observant material? I smell a challenge in the air.

I also joined LA Fitness on Tuesday. My ass, legs and thighs would only hurt more than this if they were being dismembered, breaded, fried, and served to a large family with grubby children. We are on day two of creaky walking and groaning when getting into and out of vehicles. Hurts so good.

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