Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arriba! Caliente!

I made homemade salsa last night. Since I'm white and an idiot, I crushed the "Chiles Arbol" with my fingers. Then I clutched an ice pack and a bowl full of water all night long. Those Mexicans must have some secrets they're not sharing. Forget nuclear war, throw some chiles in peoples eyes, rub 'em on their bodies and they're done for. It felt as though my hand was absolutely ON FIRE. Between the pain, I wondered if that was what it felt like to turn into a vampire (Twilight!). Before bed, I took 3 Asprin, then, when I woke up from the pain again, I took 3 Ibuprofren . One of my hands still burns. This is a lesson I won't soon forget. That shit better taste good.

It could also potentially be a steam burn. I don't think I like how much my clumsy idiocy is being put on display here...

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