Friday, June 12, 2009

And You're Guilty Too

I'll be the first to admit that I can be a whiner from time to time. I complain about crap and, if I'm not feeling terribly ambitious, I don't put much effort forth to fix problems.
Today I was driving to meet a friend for lunch when I happened upon a scene that literally made me clap my hands in respect for my fellow man.
In the heat of midday there was a truck broken down in the middle of an intersection. The driver was out pushing and attempting to steer through so cars could pass and he could get the hell out of the way. In seconds I then saw two brave souls jump from their respective vehicles and head to the back of his truck to help him finish the job.
Out of the 50 or more people being agitated, two people had the mind to take action. I have a huge amount of respect for people that watch out for each other and fix problems when they come across them rather than just bitching about it until someone else takes care of it, or it works itself out.
I grew up around a rather rough crowd; lots of people who had visited jail or prison, or who really really should have. I got to thinking that even the dirtiest low down class of people will help you out when you're in a bind, despite that their true colors tend to be a bit tarnished. It kicks ass to see when the cogs fall into place and humans are being human. This was one of those times where I felt a little glimmer of hope for humanity, despite the ratio being 50+:2

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  1. Nothing makes you feel better about yourself than helping your fellow man. I'm more about the satisfaction of it rather than the reward..but the reward usually wiggles its way in there...even if it's years later =)