Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bachelorette Mayhem: Detail

Within the last week, I picked up my cousin and her son at the airport, played host to my new guests, assisted in the planning, shopping and execution of a bachelorette party, enjoyed a pool party/barbeque, worked my usual schedule, managed to squeeze one trip to the gym in, enjoyed the kittens who are now walking quite well, and taken very little time to breathe. Or read. And I miss reading. (On the second book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon)
The bachelorette party was quite the success and I suppose I'll focus this post on the festivities because I believe they were quite unique. Avert your eyes if you are squeamish about the word "penis" because that was our theme, and boy-howdy we sure had a lot of that going on.
Cool stuff:
1. Buy bride-to-be a plain white t-shirt, create some fashionable tears, write "$uck for a Buck" across the chest area and sew gummy Lifesavers in various regions of the shirt (from nips to butt to armpits). This will help fund the excessively expensive party at least somewhat. It allows guests to eat a candy off the shirt for a dollar. (We only had girls at the party; this might get a little too grabby if you take it to a club or something...yuck!)
2. Buy a Playgirl and choose about 10-15 nudies and post them in surprising places (i.e. behind the bathroom door, in the fridge, behind curtains) and watch the shock as each of them are found.
3. Pin the "macho" on the man. We bought the "Macho Man" at Castle Boutique. Give away a naughty prize to the winner.
4. Bobbing for testicles. Ok, it's actually not as bad as it sounds. This takes some pre-party preparation but it was a guest favorite and very unique idea. You need an apricot for each person, a roasting stick for every two people, and some fishing string. Tie two apricots on a roasting stick with fishing string close enough together that they know. Have each guest choose a teammate. Line the guests up in a row; one teammate is holding the stick, the other is on their knees in front of their partner. The goal is to eat your apricot, switch partners, have them eat their apricot and which ever team finishes chewing first wins. Again, naughty prize.
5. The bride-to-be for our party was recently divorced, and before starting her new life, we wanted to get rid of her old life. Her ex husband was a cheating swine and there is a lot of animosity between them. We decided to make a straw doll of the ex, tape a picture of him to the head, bring it outside and light it up! We also asked guests to bring over memorabilia from previous relationships that they'd like to get rid of. (i.e. dried roses, love notes, packs of cigarettes, whatever reminds you of the offender). We burned the hell out of 'em! It was a very therapeutic event. Also note: In above photo the fire outline is in the shape of a penis.
6. I played bartender and since the b2b is a red head, I decided to cater the drinks in a humorous way and make the drink of the night "Red Headed Sluts" 1 part Jager, 1 part Peach Schnapps, 3 parts cranberry juice. I don't drink because of UC, but seems all the girls had a good laugh and enjoyed the drinks.
7. Penis shaped cakes. They sell the cake molds at Castle Boutique as well.
That's about it; it was a really great time, and pretty low budget considering what people typically pay for parties of the sort.


  1. Sounds like too much fun. You rock the bachelorette party scene!

  2. Hell ya! I should have asked you before I had my sisters!

  3. I must give the vast majority of creative credit to my cousin who stayed with me over this last couple weeks. She is a hell of a party planner! ...and funder for that matter.

  4. For some reason I had forgotten to comment this, but you must be some damn good party thrower!