Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pseudo Aneurysm & Signs

My dad has surgery scheduled for 7/8/09 (wow! 7, 8, 9!) and will be flying to Texas (from Colorado) to see a specialist. He has a pseudo aneurysm in an abdominal artery. I think this might relate to a previous surgery, but I don't have all the dots connected with that yet. He had been having severe pain in his abdomen and, surprisingly, similar symptoms to me for the past year. He finally went in to have an MRI done and came back with those unnerving results. I'm quite taken aback and scared. My dad is the rock of the family and life without him would be like a tiny ship slamming to and fro at sea without a beacon. I've always felt like he was warm and safe and I can go to him with anything and come out feeling better.
While I don't consider myself a spiritual person by any means, I will be devoting a lot of positive thoughts to him on the day of the surgery. I'm also not one to believe in signs, but sometimes the things he tells me makes me want to believe.
He was riding his motorcycle up through the mountains about a week ago and first he turned a bend and came upon a huge stallion standing in the middle of the road without a person in sight. He rode a ways behind the horse and saw that he got to a safe place. A little ways further, he saw what had to have been a newborn deer off to the side of the road, wobbly legged and small. He saw the deer made it safely away from the road. And YET AGAIN a little ways further up the road, saw a large deer off to the side. When he was telling me it seemed like a dream and I could picture all of these things happening to him. Amazing!
I have to analyze...Stallion: Strength and power; Baby deer: Innocence, new beginnings; Adult deer: Growth, stability. Like I said, he makes me WANT to believe in signs. And a hell of a set of signs these would be!


  1. Your dad's story sounds amazing. You just don't get that kind of thing happening in London. Just don't get it.

  2. My grandpa just had that same problem, had surgery last week, is doing fine. Best of luck to you and your dad.