Friday, July 10, 2009

Neil Young...Not Quite A Looker

I think it's a shame that in todays music industry you have to be smoking hot and fake looking to get anywhere (for the most part). There are so many amazing artists from our past that were quite ratty looking fellas, but they had this incredible talent so no one gave a crap.
Musicians today are not only over processed in their looks, but over processed in sound too. I have to turn off the radio sometimes and just sit in silence because I'm tired of listening to all this over processed perfect sounding music. I think music is GOOD with flaws and the squeak of guitar strings or the slight inhale or a quivering voice in just the right spot. Music is all about connecting with someone or something, but let's be honest, none of us can relate to perfection. It's not possible and if it were I sure as hell wouldn't want it.
I was just listening to a kick ass Neil Young song, Heart of Gold. Real, raw, human excellence.


  1. Seriously! Every new artist I see looks the same - tattoos, eye make-up, messy/asemetrical hair, faded jeans, nail polish..and I'm just talking about the men mind you...and they don't even look like men in my opinion. It's honestly quites sad that musicians can't do what it is they're suppose to do...create music. Now they must be the complete package. I too miss the good ole days when it was just about creating music and saying what you feel/think/want with melody. This simple idea seems to be lost as our greed marches on.

  2. Love that song too! Music has definately lost something in that respect. There is something about a real person singing a song they wrote and understand. Most of the new stuff does not move me at all, theres no heart in it and very little soul. Even a drunk hooker could fake it better than some of these posers!

  3. "none of us can relate to perfection" beautifully stated