Monday, July 6, 2009

Reasons To Never Go To The Dentist

Richard went to the dentist today for a root canal. He was feeling confident; he's already had one root canal before. However, there was a bit of a horrifying twist to this one. They were about a half hour into the process when the dentist left the room. He stayed gone for 45 minutes, leaving Richard's mouth propped open and various dental items hanging out. Richard then begins to see smoke seeping into the little room. Ho. Ly. Shit. I then receive several frantic texts, which I respond to with some comforting crap despite my annoyance to what I think is his overreacting. The dentist returns, explaining there was a computer fire and apologizes for being gone so long without telling him what was going on. The end.
P. S.
This would be a bit better written, but Root Boy Wonder is complaining that my typing is "neurotic". I am mumbling obscenities.

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  1. Wow....hard to stop laughing.....Wheres the dentist cam when you need it! Talk about a popular youtube video.