Saturday, October 10, 2009

39,999 More...?

One of my baby brothers graduated from Air Force Basic Training this weekend. It's been very weird watching the last two grow up. I remember when my mom came home from the hospital with the two little bundles, one in each arm. They wreaked havoc in diapers with little blond mullets and sang songs I'd come home with from school. They would laugh so hard that it was impossible to not laugh with them. Now they're finally separate and starting their own lives hundreds of miles apart. I doubt they've ever gone more than a couple of days without one another until now. I never had a tangible connection with the war until the last few years (my sister has been in the USAF for a couple years), and now that I can feel it hitting home in such a literal way I just hope that the next eight years is better spent with thoughtful planning, stronger strategy and no more senseless missions. We're sending our babies to war. There better be a damn good reason.

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