Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas 2009 Wish List

I've compiled a ridiculously over-jewelry-oriented Christmas list this year. There are a few other (awesome!) things I want on the list too. Turns out I have caviar taste on a mac'n cheese budget, so I just "fantasy shop." Last year I emailed one of my cousins pictures of gifts I would have gotten her if I wasn't broke. It's the thought that counts, eh?

$9.00 Etsy Anatomy Magnets We got a magnet board for the office and we are now collecting magnets. These things are awesome.

$11.50 Etsy Aqua Glass Wire Ring I met the super cool chick that made this. I grovel at her talent.

$20.00 Etsy Intestines Pendant**
This is my feeble attempt at finding a cool/interesting thing about Ulcerative Colitis. Would be a hell of a conversation starter.

$20.00 Etsy Anatomical Heart Tote Seems I am a tad anatomy obsessed at the moment.

$20.00 Bed Bath & Beyond Jewelry Tree
To take the place of one of the zillions of jewelry boxes I have tucked here and there.

$27.00 Guesstures Game Incredibly fun when company is over.

$27.00 Taboo Game
This is one of my favorite family games. You must be a true wordsmith Jedi to be successful.

$44.00 Thermometer Necklace
Functional and effing sweet.

$55.00 Etsy Industrial Heart Pendant** I'm in love with these things.

$60.00 World Links Necklace** AHHH!

$60.00 Level Necklace
Again, functional and effing sweet.

$70.00 Oragami Crane Necklace
Super cool. $70?!?! This thing didn't have a snowball's chance in Hell.

$70.00 XX-Hi Converse I think my angry youth is coming back to haunt me on this one, but it was love at first sight..a couple years ago when I first saw these. I'm haunting shoe stores in hopes that some day they'll go on a reasonable sale or (crosses fingers) CLEARANCE!

$76.00 Knee High Moccasin Boots Everyone I knows thinks my Halloween hippie costume suited me all too well. It's items like this lurking in my closet and a patchouli scent wafting around the house from time to time that seals the deal.

There ya have it! If you know anyone as weird as me, they might just find some of this stuff appealing :)

(Note: All items in blue are links.)


  1. Why do we just have so much in common? :)

  2. lol Britt the most organised i ever see you is when it comes to itemising crap you would like to have haha