Monday, December 21, 2009

Fall 2009 Semester

School is out! At least until mid January. I got A's in both of my classes, ENG102 & SOC101. Pretty easy, just took a lot of time and I'm the worst procrastinator this side of the Mississippi so I make things much more intolerable than they really should be.
I had the roles of my teachers way off; the ENG teacher was actually pretty awesome and nice, despite his outward grumpy seeming exterior. SOC teacher was so-so, but he was a big fan of hearing himself talk and getting up on a soapbox about how horrible anything non-liberal is. Not to say I didn't agree with some of his rants, but they wasted time we could have used for something useful. Like learning how to riot.
I have already signed up for next semester with a math class (the last one I'll need for my major!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!) and Spanish. I've been wanting to learn Spanish for a long time and I already know quite a bit from high school, and I've been told I have an excellent accent ::straightening my bow tie:: I will feel very cool going to Mexico with my sister-in-law and visiting her family with my future sweet Spanish skills. Gotta put in the work though... At least I'll have people to practice with :D


  1. Good job! Learning Spanish sounds fun!

  2. ¡Muy bien Britt! Espero que aprendas a hablar español muy pronto. :)