Thursday, December 24, 2009

Let's Get Physical....Physical.

I've been putting this post off for too long because things are getting entirely too shit oriented around here. That and, frankly, I'm a horrid procrastinator...but you already knew that.
One of the bloggers that I read (Martin from Number Twos ) requested I post something regarding an offhand comment I made on one of his posts. I said:
"I find that physically demanding activities typically push my UC aside for that little window."
This was apparently the wrong thing to say because now I feel I must impress my fellow blogger by posting something thorough and thought provoking. I totally got called out.
So I've been allowing this elaboration to simmer in my brain juices for many moons because I always put off today what I can do tomorrow.
What I meant by my comment was that in the worst bout of my UC flare, when I used my body for physical activity it seemed like my symptoms took a back seat. If I was running or doing yard work (hah! like that happened more than once!) or chasing birds at the park (too weird?) or basically anything physically demanding, it sort of drowned out the pain and urgency. Once I stopped moving, things would come back into full swing again, but for those moments of losing myself to focus on a physical need, I was largely dormant.

Things that may be wrong here are this:
1. I am mostly well at the moment. I can talk a lot of stuff about what it was like, but unless I'm there to re-test these memories I don't feel 100% confident in their accuracy.
2. Physical strain on the body may have caused the UC to take a backseat for the moment, but it may have also irritated the situation once the stress on my body was over.
3. From what I've read of other bloggers, my UC sounds like it was less severe (at least thus far). I have gone through hell with my body and I don't want to understate what an immense impact the UC has had on my life; I still deal with it every single day. What I mean is, the worst of it lasted for about a year and I have not yet had to get on steroids or consider a colostomy. I might in the future, and when/if the time comes I'll deal with it as well as I can.

I hope this answers the question. If not, email me. I might get back to you in a few months :D

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  1. Ha! It wasn't an order!

    Sorry I've taken so long to read your well thought out response.

    Now I want to hear about bird chasing. Maybe that's the elusive cure for UC?