Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Queen of No

Rich & I just got back from a walk with the dogs. We went to the park that's about a mile away and it started raining in teeny tiny drops. I love the smell of rain on earth; it's probably my favorite smell in the world.
It was an incredibly pleasant stroll. My legs are clicking and pulsing because I haven't been active in awhile and I totally needed that. Sometimes I can be the queen of "no" and it's refreshing to get out of that groove and start doing things. I always feel better about life when I'm being active and not just sitting around "no"ing all the time. Despite that I know this, I can be terribly difficult to motivate. Must break the cycle.


  1. The smell of rain is my absolute favorite smell of everything! Now that I feel I am in remission I feel I need to start exercising again. Going for a walk sounds nice but it is bitter cold here (like -10 degrees). I was doing yoga before my last flare but quit when the UC started up. Could you imagine being the downward dog pose when the "urge" hits. Oh, this illness will keep you humble!

  2. lol, oh, let me tell ya, I have been in downward dog when an "urge" hit and it's nothing nice. Gotta grab ass and run out of the classroom, hope you make it to the gym potty. Barefoot? Who cares?!