Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spring 2010

I started my Spring 2010 semester tonight. I'm taking math and Spanish. Both my teachers seem nice; math teacher more than the Spanish teacher but we shall see. This is the last math class needed for my degree! ::joyful jig::
On a related topic, I refuse to pay over $200 for a blasted text book that should cost no more than $50, so I buy online (Amazon, Craigslist, half.com, etc). The only problem there is that there may or may not be a certain disc included in my Amazon purchase that is absolutely necessary for my Spanish class for test taking and the like. Book-writing swine! Taking advantage of students as though they have money to throw around on a ridiculously overpriced text book. Bah! Shame on them!
On my walk from the parking lot to class this evening, I discovered, due to the unexpected downpour of Arizona rain, that my shoes are, in fact, not water tight. I may have been clued in about this since my shoes have gaping holes in the bottom, but those holes haven't affected the performance of my shoes so I paid them little heed until this evening of puddle-avoiding and soggy socks.
Moral: Double check online purchases and always wear water tight shoes on a potentially rainy day. Solid words to live by.


  1. Oooh, I'm hoping your book comes with the CD. I hate how expensive text books are! Students are usually poor! What I really hate is when the professor requires an expensive book and then hardly uses it during the semester! I heard Arizona got a ton of rain, sorry your feet got wet.

  2. bet you end up liking your Spanish teacher better :D ...ahh to my favourite holy shoes too, except when it rains :D