Monday, February 1, 2010

Between The Mustard & Disco Fever

Yesterday Rich and I were at the grocery store shopping for some BBQ goodies when a disco song came on as background music. The typical grocery shopper tends to ignore the tunes being played and go about their domestic duties with little attention toward the music selection. We were strolling down the Snack City isle when I lost Richard to some enticing packaging and went about my way with the cart, my ears perking up at the funky disco selection playing over the store speakers. Before I knew what was taking place, I was somehow overpowered by Disco Fever and found myself twitching my hips, flicking my neck and doing a disco strut right down the isles of Snack City. I was so lost in The Fever, that I didn't hear Richard's attempts to call me as I disappeared down another isle, twitching in my disco funk. He caught up to me a good three isles after I'd lost him and informed me that he witnessed several clusters of children take note of my dancing and get lost in their own disco infernos, prompting confusion and surprised looks from their parents. He said all he had to do to find me was follow the children bobbing around. We shared a thunderous laugh in the condiment isle.


  1. As silly and unlikely as this story might sound I assure you it is 100% true. Apparently she can easily influence young people with her infectious groove.

  2. Haha Whittles - the Pied Piper of Phoenix... I could do with some help influencing the children in my classroom if you're ever in the UK.

  3. Ya that song will get the best of us especially if your prone to the groove.