Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dollop Lust

So my guts have been off kilter for a couple weeks and I decided randomly that I should fast for 24 hours to give the ole meatbag a chance to catch its breath and hopefully get back to normal. I am a food lover. A lover of food. If I could, I'd just sit around all day eating things because they're so delicious. (Can you tell I'm hungry?) Since I'm horrible at not thinking about eating when I'm hungry, I was having a mind-gasm over different things I could be eating. Big juicy burger with lettuce, tomato, extra pickle, mustard, a side of thick cut fries swimming in ketchup. Fluffy baked potato slathered in butter, melted cheese, sour cream and bacon bits. A steaming bowl of vegetable stew.
In the midst of my food fantasies I realized that I have a favorite word. That word is "dollop." Anything with a dollop on it is automatically outstanding. A dollop of butter. A dollop of sour cream. A dollop of hot fudge on ice cream. Unfortunately, dollop is often associated with dairy products. Dairy products were one of my greatest losses when I found the more I ate, the worse things seemed to get in the tummy. So now I shall have to cling to my dollop fantasy. And it's back to the trenches with plain white rice and chicken breast for a micro dinner. Ho hum.

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  1. Too bad I can't embed pictures in these comments. But, this post reminded me of the face and sound that Homer Simpson makes when he's looking at delicious food.

    Like this: http://www.runryder.com/fastphoto/34468/homer_simpson.jpg