Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had my followup doctors appointment today. Bleh. I'm feeling like a piece of old meat. I don't know if it's my sense of paranoia of the system or just good sense, but when I see my doctor I see little dollar sign mirages in his eyes. Like a rat sniffing out a piece of cheese.
He had three student interns in the office today, which means you can add the regular discomfort of a usual doctor visit and multiply that by three. And these interns were my age, so as he's going through my history and spouting about the amount of bloody stool I pass per day and gazing at the computer screen displaying images of my last colonoscopy, he informs them that now they've seen an irregular colon. Well thanks a heap, man. He could at least put a P.C. spin on it and say a "special needs" colon. Just irregular. Well, pardon me, but I'm feeling rather regular lately, not that you asked, Doctor Man.
His oval spectacles settled on the end of his nose as he was asking me why, oh why, did he put me on Sulfasalazine rather than Asacol? Or blahblahblahazine. I interpret this as "why didn't I put you on something that a pharmaceutical salesperson would give me a spiff for?" I had to fight tooth and nail to get on that dadgum generic, and I won't be put on Asacol and upped to 12 friggin' pills a day, thank you very much. So I fought him on it again, in front of three medical students, one of whom was text messaging in the midst of the situation. Pardon me, medical student, but could you spare a moments attention and act a little professional so as not to add to the mounting discomfort of your presence? Might as well have picked his wedgie while he was at it, and talk about how nice that chicks tits looked who was sitting in the lobby. Then popped a zit.
Grumpy? Yes. Yes I am. And here's the great reveal: I have to get another colonoscopy. He says he's afraid my UC may have possibly went further than on the first scope in 2006. I don't know why he thinks this has taken place. Then as I was checking out with the desk girl, I had to sign a slip that says they disclosed that he has "personal interest" in the surgery center. What does that mean? Personal interest? I'd like him to show a little personal interest in my health. I feel yucky and a little pissed.


  1. Jesus. Well good on you for arguing Whittles. Sometimes it is hard to feel, in the face of UC, that they're nought but quacks. I guess here in the UK we don't have to quite face such obvious commercial influence, although the drugs companies are pretty powerful even in the dear old NHS. And I know full well my consultant does private work most days too. Or plays golf...

    They're all bastards.

  2. Hey, my boss is seeing a naturopathic doctor and she says Dr. T is really good, nice, and really cares for her patients. Remember, my boss is dealing with Diabetes type 1 and 2, Hashimoto's Disease and other auto-imune diseases. According to her, Dr. T is helping her keep it all uder control with all natural herbs, treatments, vitamins, etc.
    Perhaps you'd like to try it? I think the office is in scottsdale though, maybe a bit far from you. Let me know if you'd like Dr.T's info.

  3. Wow it sounds like you need to find a new doctor! I loved my first doctor when I was first diagnosed with UC, I had her from the time I was 14 to 18, then unfortunately i was considered an adult and needed a new doctor. I went to some guy who i couldn't stand and i immediately stopped seeing him... Then i went to a naturopathic doctor and she was very nice but what she prescribed actually made things worse. But I think women are more sensitive on this subject, at least from my experience, i think you should find a women doctor who you like!