Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gnome Obsession Reveal

I love lawn gnomes. I've been searching for a plain classic garden gnome for several years. I know they exist, but despite my tireless search have not been able to find one that isn't holding a wheel barrow, slouched on a mushroom or doing something other than just standing in place grumpily with a pointy red hat. Some day the search will prove fruitful, I know it. Until then, my little buddy here was in a potted cactus when we moved into the house and he has served as a worthy lawn ornament. He's only about three inches tall and is in a perpetual state of slumber. His name is Henry.


  1. Gnomes are elusive can hide in plain site. But also I have noted they are regional, so I don't know about the gnome population in Arizona.

  2. lol I love how he suddenly has a name,i have found that everything in your world must have a name or sometimes a few. Henry the lawn gnome , Valentine the grapefruit tree and a dog named Minka,beaker and Beep , a cat name Jari and also Bubbles depending on how cute and cuddly he seems at that particular moment, a person might develop a new name for the day by pissing you off or making you happy or even just passing gas in a particularly exciting manner,perhaps "thunder-pants" for example. if you just went by names alone you might think the place was crawling with people and pets when really there's just a few living things here with a lot of names and a lot of objects with there very own names too. Just one of the interesting things i have observed about you.