Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Strange Stranger

i don't know you
Your words are a mix matched medley, a patchwork quilt, of borrowed dialogue
slang of the distasteful type, entrancing you to tee-heets, teh-hets and trouble
saying i'd be proud of you

i knew someone once
that was prideful, but her voice was plump and husky, the kind that makes you fall asleep
or feel seduced

the luster of past has blotted present
reality garbled up

i unfolded my mind around you
when you walked into the mush, with a new hillbilly botox voice, i shut you out
folded my wrinkly pink brain around what you usta-was
guarded by armor of resistance of reality

i don't see you now
you dream of me when I was Little
i share your dream, suckle the poison out of honesty and spit it out,
caressing your shell

but what's in there is empty

if I have a picture, i wear it thin, rubbing your face in memory of our past until it's hard to remember, any face but the picture
a mugshot, a still frame, real smile or fake, i can't tell

so i weave a story of your day, a golden shining sun
a floral print dress, smells of a home-cooked meal
i stitch out a reality, true or false, and circle one.

choice made.


  1. Very interesting; that strangely tense relationship- I have seen something like it in all the women I know; including my sister.

    Also I think it might have been Roland Barthes - French literary critic,who pointed out that photographs can cloud memory exactly as you describe.


  2. I think this is one the saddest things you have written but also one of the best.its too bad that people change for the worse sometimes like that,change and change until you don't even know them anymore, I don't know if i could love someone for who they "used to was" but i understand why you chose to do so, maybe you don't really have a choice i see it a little like as if she had a mental illness, you cant just stop loving someone because they go crazy or senile,it makes me so sad though because shes not crazy or senile just makes bad choices she has always had the power to change her path, you deserve to have a mom thats not a mess.

  3. Very deep and very touching Brit. I too, have sadly but truthfully felt this way. i think the hardest part is not being able to "renew" the picture after it has already faded. thats why ive learned to just accept it, frame it and let it sit on my shelf of memories to soon collect dust and be reflected upon once again on a later date. Its also kinda like when your favorite childhood movie has finally wore out from being used so many times that it no longer works completely and youd just sit there crying, wondering why and wishing it would fix itself. i agree with Richard on this one as well. its kinda like this person has something unfixably wrong and you still cant help but love this person reguardless.Very intelligent and well written piece brittnay ( sorry for the mispelling..im kinda tired). i agree with you though. i honestly do.