Thursday, May 20, 2010

TriLyte Colonoscopy Prep

I tried a few different recommendations for my TriLyte prep and if you want the short version of this somewhat lengthy vlog, here's what I concluded:
Use super cold water
Use a straw and drink from the back of your throat so you don't have to taste as much
Flavor packets: Pineapple was ok, cherry comes in second, then orange, and lemon lime is the loser
Crystal Light mix was so-so
Apple juice was so-so
Gatoraide is not a good idea
Definitely a good idea to have a chaser like 7UP or some kind of ginger ale

Wish me luck. I'll need it.


  1. Good luck..hope it goes well :D

  2. Good luck to you!! Can you believe 14 years of UC and I have never had a colonoscopy!? My colon was always in such bad shape that every time they went in to do one they had to stop because they were afraid of perforation. But I have had a sigmoidoscopy. Anyway, just rambling about stuff you didn't even ask me! Let us know how it goes.