Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Polishing A Turd

Whew. It's awful quiet around here. What can I say? I've been doing well. I started school; I'm taking a computer class (CIS105), World Religions & Cultural Diversity and the Media. The latter two are actually fun.
Also, I went to Los Angeles this past weekend with Richard, my brother and his wife. All weekend we did what Richard has affectionately dubbed "polishing a turd." Trying to make something good that really isn't good. LA is not a beautiful city. The people are interesting to watch. The bathrooms at Venice beach either have shit in the toilet and cold sandy floors, or shitty underwear crammed into the corner of the stall. It was grubby and I have a new appreciation for the cleanliness of Phoenix (try to stifle your double takes about that one). I think no matter where one travels, it's good to get the opinions and suggestions of several locals and plan a couple fun things. Manhattan Beach was pretty nice though, so I can't complain about that. And no matter where one is, the ocean is immense and overpowering and awe-evoking. It was just a bit difficult to focus on that with all the hoards and hoards of rickety people and various forms of shit. We also got an opportunity to observe a street performer hammer a long nail up his nose and simultaneously swallow and un-swallow a billiard ball, which is always excellent. (I gave him a dollar I had fashioned into an origami bow tie.)
Sending good vibes that you're all doing well and riding a cool un-ending wave of happiness. A bumper sticker I saw today sums up the way I'd love to view life: "No Bad Days" with a shady palm tree over the top. A lovely little something to strive for.

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