Monday, October 18, 2010

Southern Man, Better Keep Your Head

I've often found my self intrigued by quotes from Southerners. Somehow there is a backwoods saying to fit every occasion. I'm trying to store them in my broken tattered memory, but since writing things down is nearly the only way to keep anything in the leaky bastard for any length of time, here are a few that come to mind:

Fine as frog hair.
Low as a hogs belly.
Cold as a witches tit.

(My title is for Neal Young, who is a king among men.)

Yep, I really did just make a whole post for a few quotes. VERY worthwhile quotes.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Ever Evolution

I am shedding skin,
Behind me the scales stretch on for miles
White and papery
How long since I’ve looked down?
Looks like ages.
The fresh bits still sting
And tug on living organ

Surprising, my inobservance.
This paper world shifting under my belly
I always feel very myself
In my skin,
But to notice the evolution
I must have been tweaked here and there
Betrayed by my silent self

Patterns shift
As I search the imprint for clues
Paper scales crunch though my fingers
Ah! There’s something
A swirl instead of a triangle
And, my! I’ve never seen that before
Pushing me to a surprising path
Shifty eyes make sure no one watches
Crush the bad decisions,
Search for stretchiness on the good ones

I see dreams in there, too
With fuzzy edges
Of fear and sex and people long shelved
I can’t even make out that face awake,
The magic of dreams enlarge and examine

I observe my fresh self
Primer gray
Awaiting impression, color, life
Only to be left trailing behind
Ever evolution
Molds, nudges, pushes, squishes
Until my crisp papery person pervades
Then you’ll find me in a generation of dreams
Blowing away