Thursday, February 10, 2011

On Camels and Straws

I saw this little gem on an employee warning notice recently:

"This was the camel that broke the final straw."

I laughed a good, hard laugh. It still sneaks up on me unexpectedly in times of solitude and draws forth much creepy alone-time laughter.


  1. You'd laugh to see a pudding crawl, like locksmiths laugh at love.

  2. Ark, I actually had to go and look those up. I've never heard either! I hope to come upon just the right moment and be able to use them. Still feeling a bit hazy on the context I might use "love laughs at locksmiths."
    On a related note, have you ever seen the movie Boondock Saints? It's one of my favorites and there's a bartender in the movie that always stutters and puts quotes together wrong. A bit dark but I think you might really enjoy it.

  3. When I can bag a tick I'll give Boondock a butcher's