Monday, February 7, 2011

The Scent of A Lady Bug

Since I live in a tiny triangle (Home --> Work --> School. Repeat.), Richard is my main source of entertainment. What's great about him is the fact that he is always getting himself into peculiar situations.
A few months back, he was going to do a cabinet installation in a gated community. The guard at the gate came out and asked him the usual questions, and just before he let him in Richard nonchalantly stated "Wow, it really smells like lady bugs out here."
The guard looked at him with unease. "You must have seen that landscaping truck come by hauling those sacks of lady bugs. He was just here about 10 minutes ago. No one can smell lady bugs" replied the guard.
"Oh really? I didn't see any landscaping truck."
"Yep, full of lady bugs."
"Wow. That's weird. Haha." (Awkward pause.) "Well, see ya later..."
Richard called me shortly thereafter and expressed his shock that the fellow didn't know what a lady bug smelled like. Naturally, the scent given off by lady bugs was completely foreign to me. In his own words, they smell "like a walnut that's a little extra bitter when you crack into it and eat it," and also "dark and waxy."
Yeah, just try farting around a guy that can bloodhound the scent of a ladybug.

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  1. ha! we just found your blog. with UC in our house it's nice to find others with it yet in spite of that enjoy with them the delights in life. write on!