Friday, February 18, 2011


So my house was built in the '80's with the idea of some family eventually putting in a pool some day. While the pool was never built, we still have a bathroom that has a glass sliding door directly to the backyard. This would make perfect sense, and even be wise, if we had a pool. But, alas, we do not. So in the spirit of ghetto fabulous-ness, we decided to paint the sliding glass door the same color as the house. This kept the world out of our bathroom-business.
Richard and I: 1
Smart ass house builders: 0

In time the paint has developed a few pin-prick sized holes in it which allow tiny rays of light to enter the bathroom. One day I was inspired to bring in my camera, set the shutter speed to "painfully slow" and wobble about with the camera for a bit. This was the result:

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  1. You are rediscovering photography. Maybe you could make a camera obscura. One of the most magical yet scientific things.

    How cool to have a proper working one in your house?