Saturday, March 26, 2011

Too Much Good Stuff

Perhaps you may have noticed the frequency of my blogging coincides exactly with my physical and emotional health. Sad me = lots of blogging, poetry writing, picture taking. Happy me = very little creative output. I suppose you can put that all down to "tortured artist" effect. (As an aside, I can NEVER remember whether to use affect or effect, despite countless drills and useless memory tricks.) You will note that this is a happy spell for me. Life is pretty excellent. I'm planning a trip to Florida for a week to visit my sister. My brother just had a birthday, then two days later, my sister had her birthday, THEN two days after that my niece was born. I wish my life could just loop in the month of March for awhile. It tends to be one of my happiest months. Not to mention I'm on very effective medication right now, so no tummy troubles to speak of. The weather is excellent. I just got a hammock for the sweet price of free. My animals are living in harmony. I'm going to school. Working. Managing to still have fun.
I've been writing since elementary school and the opportunity to look back on years of life records via written word is sort of enchanting. Sadly, I have lost most of the journals I kept when I was really young, but since high school I started keeping better track of the writing. I have always had dry spells, and I'm sure it was during times in my life of great happiness. It gets me to thinking I'm really cheating myself out of some excellent memories by only recording the bad stuff. Which ALSO gets me thinking, I'm more the type of person who will remember when a wrong has been done to me than a right. I'll be attempting to put forth a more conscious effort to display the whole shabang going forward. I can't promise there'll be more poems that make you feel all glittery afterward, pictures of flowers or fuzzy kittens, but at least a bare bones effort to let ya know I'm still thriving. Hooray for good times!


  1. I would like to refer to 2 things.

    First, I would like to give it a whirl if you don't mind. Effect is the end result, the effects or aftermath of a situation. Affect is the verb, to affect someone.

    Second, from my own blogging standpoint, I definitely encourage you to blog more when you're in high spirits. Going back and reading those entries have an invaluable effect. Thought I'd add that last word ;). And of course, I'm very glad things are well with you.