Friday, April 22, 2011

John Whittle Jr

My great uncle John Whittle Jr passed away on April 14th. He was a wild fella in his day, and he lived a full life. He was one of those magical people that could light up a room. Picture taken circa 1957 during his time in the US Air Force. Handsome devil.

The older I get, the more people die. It's a clear law of nature, but something I never put much thought into. I believe that death is one of the hardest parts of being an intelligent life form - awareness of how persistent time is and that we don't stand a chance. Animals have it easy in that respect. Death can be kind, when we're prepared and have an opportunity to say our farewells. I'm grateful that we had the chance to say goodbye. I'll miss you, uncle J.

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  1. Hi W

    Sorry to hear of your experience of loss, but glad that he was a good chap and that you could say goodbye.

    I love the picture, as well.

    Love is life.