Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Root of the Problem

Today I went to the dentist for the first time since...(drum roll, please) 2002! Holy canolie! And guess what? I'm basically the queen of clean when it comes to my mouth because I had NOT ONE SINGLE CAVITY. Not ONE SINGLE thing that needed to be crowned, root canaled, capped, NOTHING. NADA. To that I say Hell-to-the-Yes! ::Fist pump::
In other dentistry news, when I arrived at the dentist office, there was a drunk homeless man sleeping outside the building. To put this drunk homeless man in context, my dentist office is one building away from a liquor store, so it wasn't super surprising. The super surprising part of my story takes place while I was sitting in the chair in the midst of a teeth cleaning session. The assistant came in and informed my dentist that the totally wasted homeless man decided to cool off and come into the office. As I was walking out of the payment area, I saw the sleepy fella snuggling with a stool in the children's play area. I honestly didn't even feel phased by it. What does that say about me? Either I'm desensitized to oddities such as this due to living for quite some time in the city, or that I have a high threshold for weird.
I personally am hoping it's my high threshold for weird.

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