Sunday, April 29, 2012

Watch for Falling Rocks

Oh man, I was doing well. Making mountains out of mole hills. Forgetting the past pains and pleas with an unknown higher-up, chanted mantras of things I'd be willing to trade. A tiny pebble began rolling down the hill of my serene reverie, a pebble I didn't know about, a pebble that turned into a few stones that turned into an all-out rumbling mountain of things rather recently buried, but still largely out of my memory. Oh pebble, had I known about you I surely would have swept you up into my pocket and jingle-jangled out a tune with you, fueled by the knowledge that my reverie was nearly corrupted, wistfully getting out a "Whew, that was a close one!" But nay, Someone dislodged you and didn't take heed of my warnings about rolling pebbles. I was an experiment gone wrong. An "I told you so" that backfired, with miserable consequences. I will build up dams in the dry desert sun to maybe stop you. You may use them as a ramp to catch some air or you may decide to take a rest, at least for awhile. Signs touting "Watch for falling rocks" are now being stoutly posted along the roadway, along with nets of chain-link spread like butter on bread across the most dangerous areas. You've got me running now, Pebble, but I will secure the tender still-safe regions and do my best to carry on. I've got my eye on you.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Poem About S's

She feels warm and victimized.
So you show her your smile, and open wide,
Spilling secrets like a lamb.
She croons sympathies and
Silently nods her secrecy

She is a snake and
Spills her guts
Since you’re out of earshot
Slathers on some embellishment
Strings her puppet around

Saccharine again
She feels warm and victimized
So you show her your smile, and open narrow,
Stashing the gold and silver nuggets
Sharing the bronze
So she has something to hold onto
Savvy double agent