Monday, March 11, 2013

International Mail

Thursday was a good day for mail. I got my Passport, my acceptance letter from Arizona State University, an insurance reimbursement check, a new phone case I ordered from Etsy, and not even one single bill. Awww, yeah!

I have been wanting to get my Passport for YEARS now, but never had a good solid reason. I decided to get brave and go visit my sister since she's stationed in South Korea and I will never ever have another foreseeable reason to travel to South Korea. I have already bought my tickets and will be going at the end of June. The schedule worked out best around my work/school schedule, so I didn't think much of it, but apparently this is during the least desirable part of the year for travel to South Korea. I give zero craps about that because I'm sure we will have an awesome time no matter the weather. I am excited and also HIGHLY nervous because I've never gone out of the country before, except to Mexico when I was really young, so it doesn't even count! And if I were to travel to Mexico now, at least I could communicate somewhat since I know some basic Spanish. You think I know any Korean? Not so much. Maybe I'll make a little cheat sheet so I know how to say "I'm lost. Where is the airport?" and "I'm hungry." "Where is the bathroom? I need to poop." You know, the basics. Usually when something scares me, I just dive in and go for it, because being scared is lame, and adventures are thrilling, even if the very reserved and conservative part of myself has trembling hands.

And as for the ASU acceptance letter, there's another thing to be worried about! I have mentioned the safe cocoon I have built for myself at my local community college. It is time to move on, and no one in my immediate family has ever gone any further than high school, let alone a university, so I'm kind of flailing about, not sure how to maneuver this whole thing. My impression so far is not great; it's like they try to wring every cent possible out of you. For example, there was a $50 application fee (understandable), and a $100 fee for orientation if I want to go to that (which I think I should since I'm totally in the dark here), and my sister in law attended ASU and informed me that parking for a semester is over $200 (freaking ridiculous!), and that's just what I've come across in the month since applying. Who knows what other hidden fee garbage they will pile on? That kind of stuff really infuriates me. The worst part is, I HAVE TO do it if I want a degree, so I just have to suck it up, like all the other students. I propose a revolt! We shall blast Twisted Sister ("We're Not Gonna Take It"), paint our faces in a tribal fashion, know, other protesting type behavior. We'll need a leader though, cause I'm gonna be too busy with work and school and trying to have a life in between. Or I could just take the easy way out and pay the ridiculous nickel-and-dime charges that should be free. Wimpy, but simpler! That's my new motto for 2013. ;)